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NU Internet Marketing (NUIM) specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and offers high quality software products, coaching, and additional services in this area. We also provide website design services; specializing in mobile friendly site design.

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SEO Software Products

All of our in house developed products can be found under the Products tab of this site in the SEO Software And Tools sub listing. We offer a large array of highly functional solutions that will save you time and in most cases improve upon your efforts and results. Not only do we sell these products on the open market, but we also use them extensively for our own websites and client work and thus they have been battle tested fully and their effectiveness proven many times over. Please take the time to look over the various offerings and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

We also have the sub listing titled Vendor Products, which is dedicated to promoting software products that have been developed by other companies. We highly recommend these products to anyone who is doing their own internal SEO work since we use most of these tools on a daily basis and are extremely satisfied with their performance. If you have any questions on these products, it’s always best to contact the vendors directly, although you are more than welcome to send them our way if desired.

SEO Coaching

We are offering an exciting new course that covers everything you need to know to rank keywords to the top of Google. If you wish to learn more about SEO and possibly do it yourself for your own or clients’ websites, then this course we offer is perfect for you. We also provide advanced personalized SEO coaching for individuals that are already proficient in the field, but are looking to take the next step.

If interested in the new SEO course, go to the main Coaching tab and select the page Coaching and Training from the drop down menu. There you can quickly contact us and gain access to the full SEO training sections, tools, and schedule your coaching times. For individuals or small groups at any level wanting to work one on one with a very experienced SEO coach with 10+ years in the industry, please visit the page Personal Coaching located under the same Coaching tab of this page for more details and contact information.


NUIM has a long and successful track record of supplying white label SEO services to a variety of online service companies (e.g. website design houses). These companies have used us to successfully rank for 1000s of quality traffic generating keywords on page 1 of Google for 100s of their clients. Not only do the companies that partner with us enjoy additional revenue from their clients, but they also satisfy them more by providing a highly sought after service. For more information on this “hassle free” service, please visit

At the present time, most companies and local businesses have invested in some sort of website to take advantage of the online world and market place. Unfortunately, most of these websites have not be adequately designed to handle people viewing them on their mobile devices including cell phone and tablets. This leads to a loss of significant revenue and even company reputation, which is quite tragic since optimizing an existing website to be mobile friendly is pretty straight forward and a quick turn around for a company like us who has extensive experience in this field. With mobile usage on the rise currently and into the foreseeable future, it’s more important than ever for companies both local and worldwide to have an optimized mobile site in place. To increase company revenue and gain more new customers instantly, please visit our Mobile Website Design page.

For our SEO services, we employ an extremely talented and experienced team that uses numerous proven advanced and proprietary techniques to achieve high rankings for our clients thus drastically increasing their revenue. Our main goal is to deliver to each of one our clients the highest rate of return on their investment possible while significantly increasing the number of organic buying visitors to their website.

The client relationship process traditionally begins with a FREE consultation where we go over the many different benefits of using SEO as an advertising medium. We also use this opportunity to learn about the market place that the client’s business operates in plus listen to all of their needs in order to serve them best. Please visit our SEO Services page (under the Services Tab) for more information and the best way to contact us if interested.

To complete our SEO services portfolio, we now offer Google+ Local (aka Google Places or Google Maps) optimization. Please see the Google+ Local page, which is also located under the Services tab, for more details. This service is ideal for small to large business owners who depend on local consumers to generate daily revenue.

Finally, we now offer a new service that provides powerful backlinks to rank any website in any niche no matter what the competition is. For people that are serious about their SEO, this is a service that they need. Additional information about this popular offering can be found here – Dedicated SEO Domains.

If you are interested in achieving rankings for your website that you have always dreamed of and significantly increasing our company’s revenue, sign up with NU Internet Marketing today. Creating an alliance with our team of highly professional SEO account managers will be one of the best decisions you have ever made for your company.

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Please call us at 1-800-772-1534 or send us an email via the Contact page and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

NU Internet Marketing is a privately held company and is a proven and established leader in search engine optimization related products, coaching, and services. We have successfully helped out numerous clients and are fully committed to customer satisfaction. You can visit our Google+ Business page for additional information.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope to hear from you soon.

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